What is the real mink eyelashes

Nowadays, the real mink eyelashes business is very hot, but there are so many kinds of false eyelashes. It may be a little complicated to decide the best eyelashes for you. Today, mink eyelash is one of the most popular luxury beauty products. How do mink eyelash compare to other artificial eyelashes? Fortunately, we are here to provide you with some background knowledge about the true meaning of mink.

real mink eyelashes

If you don’t know what real mink eyelashe are, then one thing you should know is that the quality of these types of eyelashe is better than the ordinary synthetic false eyelashes you find in pharmacies. why? The reason is that mink eyelashes are completely natural fur, light, with natural luster and softness.

3D mink eyelashes

Although the most common eyelashes on the market are eyelash made of synthetic materials (such as plastic fibers), they are thicker than real mink hair. Because our 3D mink eyelash are made of natural materials, they are lightweight, comfortable to wear and light in weight. Each pair of Cat eyelashes is handmade and applied separately to achieve the most natural curling effect.

mink eyelash business

In addition, since real mink eyelash are made of fur, they can be curled like curly hair. Besides, mink eyelash look like feathers and can be used up to 35 times. In addition, the brightness trend helps keep them on your eyes longer. Also, if you plan to use mink extensions, you can rely on them better, as they are more likely to last a full month.

Although the price of mink eyelash is indeed higher than that of synthetic eyelashes, its quality can last longer. These higher-quality mink eyelash are of higher quality and are definitely a wise investment for all makeup lovers there