How to start your lashes business with different budgets

If you want to start a 3D mink lashes business or want to know the cost of starting an eyelash company, Cats eyelashes will gradually guide you to start your lashes business with a small budget and find your eyelash supplier. Well, before you start the lash line, you should know to ask yourself, how much do you want to start to lift the lash line?

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Therefore, different budgets will promote the need for different solutions. Most upcoming eyelash suppliers often ask: If I have $200, can I start my business? I only have $100, can I start my business? Yes, no problem! !

The step of starting your own lashes business

First, find your eyelash supplier.

The first step is to choose your eyelash supplier and then choose the best wholesale eyelashes on the market.
You should know which style is the most popular 3D mink eyelashes on the market. And you should start with popular styles, they are easy to sell out and you will get your money back soon.

Therefore, “3D mink eyelashes” are the most popular eyelashes on the market. You should start selling “mink eyelashes” or “false mink eyelashes” because they are “luxury eyelashes”, fluffy, vivid, soft and comfortable.

If you don’t know which style to buy, it is recommended that you start testing the market with each style, because different customers have different tastes.

When you have mastered the main points, you will know which style is the most popular mink mascara wholesale, and you can make a perfect order when placing an order.

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Second, the cost of your mink whip

When you decide to buy Mink Eyelash Wholesales, you should inform your Mink Lashes supplier of your budget. They will provide you with the Lashes catalog and check the detailed cost for you.

Note that if your eyelash supplier says that they have a MOQ limit, and you must change a new eyelash, because you just started an eyelash business line, and you can buy eyelashes in bulk order on the first order , And you can buy too many eyelashes on your eyelashes, the first order is just a test in your market

Third ,the cost of Eyelash Box

You have two options to choose your false eyelash box. If you do custom packaging of false eyelashes, you should start with 50 or 100 boxes, you can order in bulk, or you can order 30 boxes from Cats eyelashes, so you should choose to have your own logo and brand name before making an “eyelash custom box”.

Four, transportation costs

Transportation costs are calculated based on weight and volume. After purchase, the wholesale eyelash dealer will calculate the transportation cost for you. Usually, the eyelash dealer does not profit from the transportation cost, and the express company has a budget. Therefore you should not pay fees through your account.

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Five, website fees for your lashes business

If you want to build your own eyelash brand, you should have your own website, and you can do this work through Fiverr App, we can also build a website for you, if you cooperate with us, we will provide you with high-quality photos, To build your website together.