Why you can receive our mink lashes in 3-5 days

We are a professional manufacturer of high-quality mink lashes and customized packaging boxes. If you order real mink eyelashes from our website, our delivery speed will be faster than other suppliers. If you only order mink eyelashes without customized packaging, then we can ship the order on the same day, no matter you Don’t worry if you order customized packaging with your own logo, we only need 3-5 days to produce a box with your own logo.

We have many long-term customers who say that when they order from other suppliers, it takes more than 20 days for delivery. Therefore, they need to place an order about one month in advance. Why we can deliver the goods immediately when placing an order, we are a professional eyelash supplier, we have sufficient inventory and excellent delivery process and system, we can provide the most professional and fastest service for your eyelash business. In this case, we can help you reduce the loss of customers due to lack of 3D mink.

Since our delivery speed is faster than other mink fur false eyelash suppliers, we are a Fedex VIP customer, so we require Fedex to provide customers with the best quality and fast service, so that you can get lower than other suppliers Delivery price, but faster delivery time. This is one of the reasons why many customers choose us as their eyelash supplier. Recently, the eyelash business is very popular and there are many loyal customers in the United States. Therefore, many suppliers cannot help their customers to replenish their products in time, because our customers do not need to worry about this. We have enough inventory and more Faster shipments can better help your mink lashes business succeed.

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