Why our price is high than other eyelashes vendor

Many of our customers contact us every day through websites, instagram, youtube and more. I found some customers asked me a question, why is our eyelash price higher than other suppliers? The reason is obviously the price determined by quality and service. We are a professional real mink eyelashes vendor and factory, we need long-term development, not just doing business with customers.

Consumers are looking for quality eyelashes and are not afraid to spend money. What they really want is high-quality goods. The middleman only knows the low price, so the low price of low quality will eventually collapse! Our high-quality products have brought us a large number of customers. You can see how many customers pay for us. This is only a part of the customer payments.

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High quality and good customer service are the top priorities of the eyelash business. Now that the Internet is so popular, everyone knows what is a good product or a bad product. Products that really make money are always high-quality products. We always provide high quality mink eyelashes than the other eyelashes vendor.

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16mm mink eyelashes

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