Eyelashes’ quality is more important than price

There are many eyelashes vendors on the market, you can find some easy. You may have experience that there are many vendors quote you the price very low. How can they offer this low price, the result is the quality. So you have to decide whice you are more care about, quality or price?


1. The sample eyelash are different from the wholesale order eyelash

Many lower quality eyelash suppliers sell high-quality eyelashes for the first time with low price, but if you continue to buy their eyelashes, they will replace them with substandard eyelash for profit.

2. Low-quality eyelash suppliers sell a mix of authentic and substandard eyelashes

The cost of high-quality mink eyelash is too high. Many eyelash suppliers consume good eyelashes and bad eyelash in order to reduce costs. Customers are not professional and can’t see the difference. After only putting on the eyelash, you can know that the quality is different.

3. All cheap eyelash products have been sold, the seller is not responsible

Many eyelash suppliers who sell poor quality eyelash do not have after-sales service.

After the products are sold, they have nothing to do with them, nor are they responsible for customer problems. Buyers who cause loss of customers, causing losses

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