The importance of creating your own custom packaging

Cats eyelashes factory was established many years. We are a supplier of mink eyelashes in China. And we are a professional quality expert in eylashes custom packaging.


Due to the huge demand in the 3D eyelash market, customized eyelash packaging is becoming more and more popular in the market. People want to have beautiful eyelash packaging. In order to prevent the eyelashes from being crumpled or damaged, it is very important to put the eyelashes in the box. Facing the increasingly competitive market, how can we better promote our products?

custom packaging

1. Because customized packaging is more attractive to consumers.

People like beautiful products with a beautiful packaging. This is very attractive to beautiful women’s eyes and can improve their consumer needs. Unique and beautiful customized packaging can attract customers to understand your product

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2. You can print your social accounts on the customized packaging so that your customers can become your promoters

3. The exquisite and durable customized packaging box can storage other things instead of being thrown away. This will help customers remember you and become repeat customers

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4. Customize different packaging boxes according to different festivals to create a festive atmosphere and attract consumers’ attention. During the festival, everyone can give small gifts to each other.

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