Our advantage of 16mm mink eyelash

Cat Eyelashes is a premium eyelash supplier from China and a wholesaler of customized eyelash packaging. We currently have four length eyelash styles, namely 25MM mink, 21MM mink, 20MM mink and 16MM eyelashes.

16mm mink eyelash

Currently, our most popular style is 21MM with long and thick eyelashes. However, every customer has different eyelashes. Many customers like long styles, and many customers choose short eyelashes.

Therefore, today, Cats Lashes recommends everyone to use the shortest 16mm mink eyelashes, but a very natural monocular style.

At present, there are 23 eyelash styles for 16MM eyelash styles, and a variety of styles are available to choose from, which can meet your needs for different styles. Our 16mm eyelashes are also very affordable and have become a very popular one.

So why is our 16MM mink eyelash style so popular?

1. Our mink eyelashes are pure otter bristles from real otters in Siberia, and we are completely harmless to them. There is no cruel killing. We can guarantee. The water lee we chose is also very soft. The part is comfortable to wear and will not cause any damage to the eyes.

2. Our mink eyelashes are designed by our own designers according to different people and different occasions. The style is very nice and the dress is natural.

3. Our mink eyelashes are all made by workers according to eyelash design drawings. Carefully make them into eyelashes and a few eyelashes. Very good and natural. This is not a machine eyelash style. It looks noisy and unattractive.

4. Our mink eyelashes are very natural, and the wearer can naturally deepen the eyes, making the eyes more natural, bigger and more beautiful.

5. The mink lashes of our eyelashes are soft, not hard and very unnatural.

6. The best service of Cats Lashes, we provide 24-hour service, sell you the best quality eyelash products with the most sincere service, provide you with personal experience and help you develop eyelash business.

16mm mink eyelashes