The standard of high quality mink eyelashes

Choosing high-quality 3D mink eyelashes is very important for eyelash retailers. The quality of eyelashes affects the development of eyelash business. You have to spend time, money and energy to find the unique The Best 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor. However, your wholesale mink eyelashes will not help your eyelash business. Obviously, you are wasting all your money!
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Therefore, it is very important to find quality mink eyelash. How to find high-quality mink eyelash? What are the standards for high-quality 3D mink fur wholesale? As a supplier of high-quality mink eyelash, Cats Eyelashes will explain to you what these standards are! Eyelash supplier
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1. Touch
When buying wholesale mink eyelashes, you can buy a sample list immediately. After receiving the order, touch the eyelashes with your hands. The mink hair is soft, light and looks like your own eyelashes. Then put on the eyes, the eyes will not feel tingling, but soft and comfortable, which proves that the quality of the eyelashes is very good!

2. Smell
After receiving the list of eyelash samples, whether it smells strange after applying glue. If there is any unpleasant smell, it is enough to prove that no matter how cheap the price is, you cannot buy eyelashes!

3. Rub
The last method is to hold the eyelashes in your hand, rub them vigorously, and rotate the hair. Then the eyelash handle will not break or fall off. The eyelashes can return to their original appearance, which proves that the quality of the eyelashes is very high!