Why our mink lash price is not that competitive

In the mink lash market, there are many low-priced wholesale false eyelashes. They claim to be able to pack all over the world and provide free wholesale mink eyelash samples. For beauty lovers with insufficient funds and budget, this is indeed an option, but it does not match Cats’ ideas.

mink lash

Lashes-Cruelty Free Mink Lashes

Our Siberian mink eyelashes are very popular among professionals and cosmetic bloggers. They have higher requirements for wholesale 3D mink whips. It takes a long time for us to design and make wholesale mink whips by hand. Each pair of mink wholesale eyelashes are carefully crafted and taken seriously. The number of mink in the world is limited. We will treat each small animal gently. We established the Animal Foundation. Every month, we regularly send a batch of food to small animals. Because we need to get it from mink, we should pay for it. These mink skins are hard to come by for us, and the lack of resources is often more precious.

Lashes-Wholesale Mink lash are Safe

After the hypoallergenic test, our wholesale 3D mink false eyelashes will be washed and disinfected repeatedly during the production process to ensure eye comfort. The eyes are the windows of the soul. Our wholesale mink eyelash strips hope to add more light to your eyes. After design and improvement, our wholesale luxury mink false eyelashes are very popular in the market and have a great influence.

Cat eyelashes will bring the highest quality eyelashes to every beauty lover. Wholesale mink eyelash bands are one of the consumables in cosmetics. Mink 3D wholesale eyelashes occupy an indispensable position in cosmetics. The eyelashes of cat wholesale can be reused to reduce the waste of money. Many girls think that wholesale mink fur does not cost much. After wearing them once, they may be thrown away or look good.

Why can’t our wholesale mink lash compete at a lower price?

The price of pink striped eyelashes in the wholesale market is different. It is difficult to choose an excellent supplier. If you wear them, buying inferior eyelashes will affect your wearing effect and mood, and also waste their money. If you have your own business, bad eyelashes will affect your own mink business. As a top eyelash factory and supplier, our goal is to make more people aware of the quality and wearing experience of our best wholesale mink eyelashes.

Why can’t our wholesale mink eyelashes compete at a lower price? We need more recognition from beauty lovers. When you want to buy the most affordable mink eyelashes, the first thing that comes to mind is Cats eyelashes, because Cats are a symbol of fashion and a guarantee of quality. It can also save you the time of deciding to screen wholesale mink in the market. We wholesale mink eyelashes to all over the world. Today, people’s living standards are improving. The pursuit of beauty not only rests on the update of clothing hairstyle and makeup, but also pays more attention to changes in details. The effect of each pair of wholesale 3D mink eyelashes and the corresponding makeup may cause a sensation in the fashion industry. In this regard, we are more attentive to the treatment of eyelashes.

Why don’t our wholesale mink skins compete at lower prices? In China, we often say: “Scarce things are precious.” These exquisite wholesale mink eyelashes are like a window display. No matter how old they are, girls are attracted to beauty. Wholesale luxury mink fur makes us more satisfied. When you have mink wholesale eyelashes, you will wear them more carefully and feel the special function of each eyelash.