How to take off the false eyelash

A pair of wholesale mink eyelashes can add extra beauty and charm to any makeup look. People use eyelash glue to make “wholesale 3D mink false eyelashes” stay for hours. However, removing false eyelashes is a difficult process. Here are some ways to remove eyelashes from wholesale mink.


Use false eyelash glue remover

Buy false eyelash glue remover and always test to make sure you are no longer allergic to any ingredients. Then, you can use the makeup remover to gently remove the eyelash glue before removing it. It may be faster to remove them, but it will put pressure on your eyelashes and may even tear your eyelashes. It is best to gently wipe the eyelashes with a cotton pad covered with glue remover.

Use makeup remover

If you plan to take off wholesale mink strip eyelashes, you can use any makeup remover. If you want to store wholesale mink eyelashes for later use, choose an oil-free liquid makeup remover. No matter which makeup remover you choose, make sure it does not contain any ingredients that you may also be allergic to.

If you don’t have any kind of makeup remover at hand, there are other ways to remove false eyelashes.

Use Steam

You can use steam to soften the eyelash glue and then pull it off easily. Obviously, you must carefully choose the right technique to perform this operation, because the steam will burn you. If you have a facial steamer, you can use it. Or, when you steam your face over a boiling bowl for about 5 minutes, wrap a thick towel around your eyes. After completing this process, you can check whether the eyelashes are loose by gently pulling the false eyelashes from the outer corner to the right. If they are not loose enough, repeat the towel wiping process until they are loose.

Use oil to take off the eyelash

Choose an oil. The oil easily removes the glue used to hold the false eyelashes in place, but it also covers the false eyelashes, making them unusable in the future. The most effective types of oils used are coconut oil, almond oil and baby oil. But remember, not all oils are suitable for use on your face. Just rub a small amount of any of these oils gently on your eyelids and eyelashes until the glue dissolves, then gently pull the eyelashes apart.

After removing the false eyelashes, you should also decide whether to reuse the eyelashes. If you decide to use them again, you must clean them afterwards.