Where to find the best mink eyelashes vendor

There are many mink eyelashes vendor in the world, they provide wholesale eyelashes in bulk, some people choose to buy mink eyelashes on Amazon, and there are many ways to buy 3D mink lashes, but if you want to buy mink lashes wholesale, you should find mink eyelashes vendor and 3D mink eyelash factory.

mink eyelashes vendor
Well, there are many ways to find them, you can search for them with keywords, such as “wholesale 3D mink eyelashes” and “how to create eyelashes business line”, you will find many suppliers, you can also use You Tube to search How to start an eyelash business line, you will find many suppliers in the network, the next step is to check which is the local supplier and which is in other countries/regions. Wholesale 3D Mink Whip

Generally, if the supplier is in your country/region, the supplier should be a distributor, and if you order a large number of eyelashes, you may get a wholesale price, because if you order directly from a wholesale 3D mink eyelash supplier, then MOQ limit, for example, if you order 50 pairs at a time and encounter a supplier with a MOQ limit of 200, you must give up. Wholesale 3D mink fur false eyelashes supplier

You can buy them from a local wholesale false eyelash supplier. At a reasonable wholesale price.

Why do wholesale eyelash suppliers have MOQ?

The first reason is that the factory provides wholesale services at low prices
If you make a Lashes bulk order, it is much cheaper than the retail price, but they have to profit from the bulk order, so they will check the cost of each order.

The second reason is that many eyelashes are made by machines
And they are much cheaper than our luxury eyelashes and 3D mink. CATS eyelashes are different from ordinary eyelashes. Our 3D mink hairs are handmade, so our luxury eyelashes are more expensive than machine eyelashes with reasonable wholesale prices. 3D luxury mink eyelash

You can also buy eyelashes for China, because China is the birthplace of 3D mink eyelashes

There are many eyelash factories in Qingdao. 70% of the world’s eyelashes are from China. They supply all kinds of eyelashes all over the world. In addition, you can also buy eyelashes in other countries/regions and buy eyelashes that are different from Chinese eyelashes. Since the Chinese factor has core technologies such as modeling technology and ironing technology, the eyelash industry has too many skills. Best 3d mink fur supplier

Only Chinese false eyelash suppliers can make luxurious false eyelashes at a reasonable wholesale price
People made eyelashes in the Qing Dynasty and put them on to perform Peking Opera. As time went by, people found that paper eyelashes were not as natural as eyes, and many eyelashes were invited around the world. Horse eyelashes, fiber eyelashes, plastic eyelashes and mink eyelashes, etc.

Therefore, if you want to order the best eyelashes and eyelash packaging, you should find a Chinese eyelash manufacturer and find a reliable factory that you can work with. The important thing is that you should refine the best eyelashes to bring you Customers and markets, and this is also your mission and responsibility.

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