The important of shipping time for your eyelashes

When you order 3D Mink Lashes, you should also be careful about the shipping way and the shipping time, because the delivery speed will affect your income, why?

If you choose your bulk order of 3D Mink Eyelash lashes, but the delivery date is one month, and you can place 12 bulk order of Mink Eyelash one year, you will also lose a mouth before receiving your orders. Okay, this is the first lash provider you choose.

The lash manufacturer’s next delivery date is within 3 days, and when you order today, the day after tomorrow you will receive your 3D mink lash order. And you can order your boxes when your inventory is low, and you can continue to order at any time, without waiting.

And you can make a hundred orders a year! What does it mean? It means you can catch your customer very fast, and when you choose the second efficient Eyelash provider, your eyelashes are already sold out, but your first seller order is still on the way! you will lose your market due to shipping time. wholesale siberian mink eyelashes

It means that you have already opened the market with the second efficient EYELASH SELLER. It also means that you can quickly update your 3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale, such as our 25MM eyelashes, when we launched them to market, they became popular in the world, and when you order from our Eyelash Factory, we can send the eyelashes within 48 hours and if you choose the other MINK EYELASH SELLERS you have to wait 7-20 days, and that’s too long! wholesale

Why do different lash factories have different shipping times?

The first reason is that they don’t have confidence in your product and they don’t have enough stock. So they are not safe with their MINH LASHES.

Because they know the market and their product, their tabs are not the best and they do not dare to produce too many tabs, because there is a risk that it will not run out, and that will increase the cost of inventory, leading to capital overcrowding , also impact on the capital flow of companies.

So when will they sell the lashes at a lower price, and because the lashes are machine made, even if you have already received your Eyelash Sample and make sure they are what you are going to buy, but when you receive bulk orders, they are different with sample. Most of our clients told us that they had complied with these bad things. So please make sure the price and style you order, and you can ask for help from our personal service.

Cats Lashes will solve all the problems you find and help you start your business line with top notch luxury 3D mink lashes, also if you already have your business line, you can grow more and more with cooperation with us, because we have Ours The design team and R&D design team and all the eyelashes we produce are the best luxury eyelashes in the world.