Mink eyelashes, what is this

Mink eyelashes style guide:

At the CATS eyelashes, we offer 6 types of 3D mink lashes, which are made of soft, hypoallergenic black cotton tape. Brush these handmade mink lashes gently, and then harvest them in Siberian mink hair in a cruelly-free way. Our goal is to provide the widest range of styles to suit all occasions.

mink eyelashes



Because there are many different types of eyelashes, it can be hard when deciding which eyelashes are best for you. Today, Cats eyelashes can offer the most popular luxury beauty products. However, due to the boom in online shopping and the makeup tutorials, eyelashes are easier for anyone to get starter. It is easier than ever to learn to apply them to the body. But then again, how does mink eyelashes compare to other artificial eyelashes? Fortunately, we are here to provide you with some background knowledge about the true meaning of mink.

characteristic of mink lashes

If you don’t know what mink eyelashes actually are, then one thing you should know is that the quality.  These types of eyelashes is better than the ordinary synthetic false eyelashes you find in pharmacies. why? The reason is that mink is a completely natural fur, light in weight, emits a natural luster, and is also softer.

Although eyelashes made of synthetic materials (such as plastic fibers) are the most common on the market, they are denser than real mink hair. Our 3D mink lashes are comfortable to wear, and because they are made of natural materials. They are soft and light, so they are lightweight. Each pair of CATS eyelashes is handmade and applied separately to achieve the most natural curling effect.

In addition, because mink lashes are made of fur, they can be curled like curls. Besides, mink elashes look like feathers, this eyelash can be used up to 35 times.And the trend of lightness helps make them stay on your eyes longer.

Although the cost of mink lashes is indeed higher than that of synthetic eyelashes, its quality may also last longer. These higher-quality mink eyelashes are of higher quality and are definitely a wise investment for all makeup lovers there.


In summary, what is mink eyelash?

They are made of real mink hair, the softest animal in the world. It is light and fluffy, giving people a more natural appearance and can imitate the natural hair quality of human eyelashes. Mink hair is considered to be of the highest quality, so it can be used repeatedly because it is not easily damaged.

Mink lashes are best compared to other types of lashes such as synthetic lashes and fiber lashes. They are best in the sense that they can be worn for a long period of time without any kind of irritation or allergy faced by a person. In the case of other types of eyelashes, there may be some rashes or inflammations that the user can experience. Mink eyelashes are made from original hair, so they are much less likely to be infected. It really is a great advantage and effect of using mink eyelashes. If anyone wants, they can buy such from the best various online sites in the field.

Using this type of eyelashes is really a very good experience. For a long time, people have been wandering around with this innovative eyelash. This eyelash lasts a long time and can also make your eyes look beautiful. Therefore, in this case, mink eyelashes are the best choice. Don’t worry about eyelashes. Try mink fur and get good results and experience.