Reuse false eyelashes

How many times can you use false eyelashes?

You will find that a pair of false eyelash can perfectly match your facial features and makeup, but the question is: how many times can you use false eyelash, is it safe to do so? In this blog, we will introduce the recommended lifespan of various types of eyelashes and how to maintain your eyelashes so that you can make the most of them.

false eyelashes


Can you reuse false eyelash?

Yes, you can reuse false eyelash, but how many times you can use it depends on how the eyelashes are made and how well you care for your eyelashes.

How many times false eyelash can you reuse?

How many times false eyelash can be used repeatedly depends on the quality of the false eyelash and the degree of cleaning and maintenance. Ordinary artificial eyelashes can be worn 4-5 times on average, while mink eyelashes are more durable and can be worn up to 20 times after proper care. Thicker false eyelashes are also more durable than thin false eyelass and can be worn multiple times.


How to make false eyelashes longer

1. Gently pull them out and start from the outer corner of the eyes
When removing false eyelash, pull the eyelash belt and carefully pull it from the outer corner of the eye. Avoid pulling individual eyelashes, as this may pull out the individual eyelashes and disrupt the shape of the false eyelash.

2. Avoid using mascara or other cosmetics on false eyelash
Avoid applying mascara or any other cosmetics directly on false eyelash or eyelash belts, as this will make cleaning eyelashes more difficult.

3. Correct false eyelash
Clean your false eyelash regularly to protect your eyes from bacteria and keep your eyelashes. Read this article for the correct guide on how to clean false eyelash.

4. Dry and safe storage
Let the lashes dry in a clean place, and then store them in the lash box after drying. Putting them back in the lash box can help them stay curved and make them easy to apply.


What is the best reusable false eyelash?

If you want to minimize false eyelash wear, choose Cats 3D sable lashes and sable lashes with thicker belts because they are more durable than artificial lashes and thinner belts. We recommend the following products to get the best reusable false eyelash.