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We are professional lashes manufacturer and vendor ,OEM and wholesale different kinds of lashes, private label lashes, eyelash extensions, russian lashes, magnetic lashes, 25mm lashes, mink eyelashes, 3D Lashes & Eyelashes Tools since 2003.

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When you open the express box, you can sell your product directly without spending extra time or more money. Giovanni Lashes saves you time and money.

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Never miss a one-time finish.

You can shop for everything you need for your lash business in one stop at Cats Eyelash™.

False Eyelashes, Siberian Mink Eyelashes, Vegan Eyelashes, Eyelash Extensions, Tweezers, Brushes, Eyelash Cleaning, Glue, Custom Packaging, Outer Packaging, Business Giveaways, Custom Labels, Thank You Stickers…with LOGO or without LOGO.

You can do it all in one purchase at Cats Eyelash™.

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Cats Eyelash™ is your friend and partner on your entrepreneurial journey, and we will support you like your closest friend. You can contact us anytime, anywhere.
Whether it’s an order of 10 pairs or 100,000 pairs of eyelashes, we always do our best. We help you start a business and grow with you. You can always trust Cats Eyelash™.

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We make it easy for you to sell our products under your own brand. Just let we know your brand and label details and we will do the rest for you. At Cats Eyelash™, we also offer dedicated support to help you create your brand and logo.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

You can customize every inch eyelash box. Choose the material, color and design you want to decorate your eyelash box with and we’ll have it ready for you. We superior printing technology gives you a variety of options for eyelash box colors and designs.

Minimum order quantity

As eyelash manufacturers, ample inventory is one of our main advantages. So for small orders, if you don’t need the logo, we will be shipped directly from our warehouse, no MOQ required. Due to customization, we only apply a small MOQ for private label orders.

Quick turnaround

Our efficient production, packaging, design and logistics teams work hard to ensure the shortest possible lead times. The average order ships within 3-5 days. Bulk and highly customized orders may take longer to ship due to the complexities involved.

Volume discount

When ordering from Cats Eyelash™, your business will benefit greatly by ordering in bulk. We offer lucrative volume discounts well ahead of those offered by other companies in the industry. This can greatly help your company maximize profits.

Easy refund

Our refund policy aligns directly with Cats Eyelash™ customer-centric brand values. Our policies make it easy for you to request a return, exchange or refund. Our team will prioritize it and will make every effort to resolve it quickly.

Cats Eyelash™ Vendor

A caring eyelash vendor to help you start your own small business

Cats Eyelash™ focuses on helping women entrepreneurs and small businesses develop. How to start an eyelash business? Sell your first eyelash order from Cats Eyelash™!


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